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Lumby & District Annual Business Awards Gala

This annual event is an evening devoted to showcasing local business achievements and celebrating another successful year in the community. Local businesses can be nominated for the following award categories:

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

A young individual, under the age of 35, who had demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills in developing their own business, or as part of an existing business.

Business of the Year
A business that demonstrates excellence in quality of service, community involvement, leadership, image, and innovation. 

  New Business Award  
A unique business, opened within the current year that enhances the local business base. This business is an outstanding corporate citizen and place of business.

Customer Service Award 

Honors the business that has demonstrated excellence in all facets of their customer service. 

Community Spirit Award
A business that is seen as a strong supporter of Lumby’s organizations and events. This business is an enthusiastic promoter of community projects and has donated products or services to an event.

Retailer Award
A business that markets and advertises effectively and is proactive to changing market trends, providing a variety of products that give good value for the dollar. Established good relationships with customers and has good product knowledge to help the customer buy rather than focusing on sales. 

Technology Innovator  
Their technical innovation has created opportunity/growth in the region through employment, increased productivity and/or successful commercialization.

Tourism Excellence Award
A business, organization or person(s) that has hosted or promoted an event to attract or encourage visitors to Lumby and District. 

A business that has strengthened the economic base of Lumby through manufacturing a quality product. Their product must be locally manufactured/produced.

Home Based Business
A home operated business that consistently shows excellence and quality in service and merchandising. They conduct their business as a Business, not a hobby and the phone is answered with a business name. 

Business Revitalization  
An established business that has renewed its presentation and décor within the last year to attract new customers, and be more appealing.

Go Green Award
A business that has taken large initiative to become more environmentally friendly.

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